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Blocked Drains

When it comes to blocked drains,  the keyword here is “prevention”; this is the best way to save you from falling victim to bad odours from your clogged kitchen sink. The cheapest and simplest method of preventing a blocked sink is to install a sink strainer, they are readily available to buy from most DIY outlets.

The Cause

It’s all about what you put down your drains!  The main culprits we find on a daily basis are the following:

  • vegetable waste such as peels
  • all types of cooking oils
  • coffee granules
  • soap residue
  • and sometime even hairs.

If you can imagine all of this type of waste materials going down your kitchen sink no wonder the end result is a blocked sink or blocked drain.


The Dublin Plumber has this advice for all homeowners, purchase a new waste bin for under your kitchen sink unit. This is now going to be use to create compost, put all your vegetable waste matter in to same also include tea bags and your coffee waste. When the new bin requires to be emptied just add to your compost pile.


Now let’s take a look at what drain maintenance your can carry out to prevent you ending up with a blocked drain. On a periodic basis pour some type of bleach product down your drain this may help take away foul odours. Do this also while running your hot water as the hot water will keep oil products running through the drain pipes removing the possibility of a blocked drain.

Blocked Sink

If you are faced with the following the water in your sink drains away very slowly you most probably have a blocked sink or drain situation. Don’t worry help is at hand this method may act as a quick fix for you. Start by mixing the following ingredients put two or three tablespoons of baking soda into the drain now follow this with a cup of white vinegar. Now allow this solution to start working it will start to foam when you see this reaction do not become concerned it will not cause any damage to your sink or drain pipes. Leave this for about 30 minutes or even up to an hour and then test if the sink is now unblocked by running some water. If the sink is still clogged you may be required to repeat this process.

Action Required

If the above action still results in the sink being blocked another course of action may be required. Now try what is commonly known as the plunger, the device is also readily available to buy in shops. Firstly you have to block up the sink unit overflow opening. You can hold a cloth over same or use sticky tape to cover same. The reason this is required is that when you start to use the plunger it stop air escaping and reducing the plunging action. When this has been completed get your plunger and place the rubber dome head over the sink unit outlet. Now start using the plunger the action required is to press same up and down thus creating pressure in the drain to force the sink blockage clear.

If this does not solve the blocked sink problem you may now be required to remove the sink unit trap. This is usually situated under the bowl in the sink unit. This is a U bend type object one side is connected with a screwed connection the other is connected on to the waste pipe with a same type of fitting. If your kitchen sink has water still present in the bowl you may have to remove this excess water using a cloth to soak up same. When this excess water is removed place a bucket or basin under the U bend trap and carefully remove same. The bucket should gather any water from the sink unit trap and pipe-work. Now empty the contents of the sink unit trap into your bucket. In some cases you may have to rinse out this trap using warm water maybe in the bathroom. Now replace the totally cleaned trap onto the sink unit and pipe-work re-tightens same. Now run the taps in the sink unit and hopefully the blocked sink is unblocked and the water runs freely.

If this action does not work, you may require the services of a professional!

Caustic Soda

Homeowners very often use the likes of Caustic Soda very often to clear blocked drains sometimes the use of chemicals can make the situation worse. Caustic soda is a very dangerous chemical and at all times should be handled with extreme care. Due to the hazardous nature of this product it should be keep out of the reach of children.

First Aid

If caustic soda comes in contact with your skin, remove the caustic soda as quickly as possible by washing with plenty of water. If in contact with the eyes, again wash thoroughly with water and repeat this process every 30 minutes until clear. Do not us soap at any time in this process. You may require the professional services of a doctor if the situation is serious. If the chemical is ingested you must immediately drink milk, contact your local doctor or make your way to a hospital.


This is the correct method to introduced caustic soda into a blocked drain. Firstly you must pour a quantity of boiling hot water down the blocked drain in order to warm same. Now introduce the caustic soda into the drain you must ensure to protect both your eyes and all skin contact from this chemical. When caustic soda is properly used it can clear a blocked drain and must be properly flushed out of the drain. Otherwise the chemical will harden like cement which can add to your blocked drain problem.

Drain Technician

If you have used caustic soda or any other chemical please inform your drain technician of this matter. Caustic soda is a very strong alkali; this should never be used with any other chemical.
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