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We have plumbers now available in the following Dublin 3 areas, Clontarf, Clonliffe, Dollymount, East Wall, Fairview, Marino, North Strand.

Thedublinplumber.ie is on call now if you require a plumber or have a plumbing related emergency. Contact Kevin Farrelly 085 866 7631.

Thedublinplumber.ie provides guaranteed and professional plumbing, heating and drains services. We offer a prompt and fast response usually within 1 hour or as quickly as possible. We cater for all types of jobs both big and small, do not get left waiting hours on a plumber to call we deliver a speedy response. If you find yourself in a situation where water is pouring through the ceiling, help is at hand with thedublinplumber.ie .

We will call and deal with your emergency as quickly as possible. We will diagnose your particular problem and either carry out a temporary repair or permanently fix the same. We will reduce the cost of any structural water damage to your home thus saving you money.


  • RGII Registered Gas Installers
  • Fetac Approved Installers
  • Guaranteed Quality Workmanship
  • Fully Insured

Our lists of services are as follows:

  • General Plumbing and Heating
  • Airlocks
  • Ballvalves
  • Blocked toilets, showers, sinks.
  • Blocked Drains
  • Burst pipe-work
  • Flooding
  • Domestic hot water cylinders vented and unvented repairs and replacement
  • Immersion heaters replacements
  • Water leaks
  • All types of pump replacements
  • Replacement radiators and valves
  • Shower replacements
  • Stopcocks and valve replacements
  • Storage tank replacements
  • All types of tap replacements
  • All types of toiler repairs and replacements

Thedublinplumber.ie can provide you with a written quotation for all the above listed works

Payment Methods

We accept the following payment, Credit Card, Cheque or Cash, and once you pay we will issue a receipt for all monies received.

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8 The Park, Melrose Park, Swords, Co. Dublin.  

Monday – Sunday


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