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When you contact The Dublin Plumber, the guarantee is that you are hiring a RGIIregistered installer. Our entire team is fully licensed and insured which gives you peace of mind – when you hire The Dublin Plumber you will receive industry leading services.Our team is always striving to not just be the best, but remain the best in the business. All of our engineers continue to strive to improve their knowledge through relevant courses to ensure we are up to date with any changes or advancements in the industryIf you require our heating services then get in touch with us and a member of The Dublin Plumber’s staff will be in touch with you as soon as possible.  Get in touch with us today.
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Controls Upgrade

You may ask how this is possible the answer is very simple controls. Why not have controls retrofitted to your existing central heating system. By having control over your existing central heating system you could make a saving of up to 20%. This is one of the most efficient and cost effective methods of keeping your home warm.


Now is the time for you to consider upgrading your existing central heating system. The system could be retrofitted into may be three different zones depending on the type of property and pipework layout. Heating controls will offer you the ability to monitor the temperature in each individual room and will react accordingly.

Motorized Valves

Having motorised valves fitted to your existing central heating system will offer both you and your family a cosier lifestyle.


Another option is to have retro fitted to your existing radiators thermostatic radiator valves. Each radiator can then monitor its own pre set temperature, reducing your energy bill as the rooms are not now being overheating. Radiator replacement is also an option.

Room Thermostats

Having room thermostats fitted will allow you to control the optimum temperature in different spaces in your home. An example of this is a lower temperature in the bedrooms while maintaining a higher temperature in the living rooms or kitchen.


This will afford you the opportunity of having the hot water on and the central heating off. This will also allow you to heat your hot water using your boiler during the summer months. Again making saving as you will not be using your electric immersion to heat water

By having a 7 day 2 or 3 zone time clock or programmer retro fitted will give you a lot more control over your existing central heating system. You can then us the different time settings for week days and also weekend only coming on and off at your pre-set times.

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