Oil Boiler Installation




The first question you have to ask yourself how old is my existing oil boiler. Is it 10/15 years old or may be older. You may also say well than boiler is not giving me any trouble and I have it serviced once every year. This is not the point generally speaking most boilers over 10 years old are now a lot less efficient. Most oil boilers we have serviced may have be about 80% efficient due to general wear and tear most boilers are less than 70% efficient.What does this efficiency figure mean to me, take the figure of 70% as the example the new range of condensing boiler are 90% efficient so 20% is being wasted. This 20% wasted efficiency is costing you money on your existing energy bills? So having your oil boiler upgraded makes perfect economic sense change now and start saving yourself money. The advice from The Dublin PlumberĀ is start planning now to have your oil boiler upgraded not when it breaks down in the depths of winter. Having a new boiler installed now will offer you peace of mind this winter.


If you are thinking of upgrading your oil boiler and would like a free technical survey and quotation just call 085 866 7631 or info@thedublinplumber.ie

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