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The Dublin Plumber offers the best rates and the shortest response times for plumbing emergencies. Not only that, but the Dublin Plumber will always have a number of special offers for our clients.

Special Offers

Negative Head Booster Pump

Negative Head Booster Pump Replacement only

Are you currently experiencing problems with lack of water pressure at your shower, sink or other fixtures? The booster pump may well be the cause of this.

If the current negative head booster pump installed on your plumbing system is not operating correctly it may require replacement. The most popular type of this booster pump is the Stuart Turner; other types may also be installed. The cost of replacement is €1050.00.

All prices quoted include vat @ 13.5%

'A' Rated Central Heating Pump Replacement


If the current pump installed on your central heating system has a pair of isolation valves fitted to each side of it and are not currently leaking the cost to replace this pump is from €320.00

If the valves are leaking, the central heating system will require to be drained in order to fit a new pump and a new pair of isolation valves. The cost of this is from €460.00.

All prices quoted include vat @ 13.5%.

With such a diverse amount of central heating systems some may refill quicker than others. Some may require some rectification works to be done to refill same. Some central heating systems may suffer from airlocks.

Ballvalve Replacement Only

The cost of replacement is €120.00.

All prices quoted include vat @13.5%

Problem: Are you currently experiencing a problem with water at high level dripping from the back of your home? The cause of this may be a faulty ballvalve.

Important Note: The price quoted is for the replacement of the unit only.


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